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Goal directed value fulfilment - One step forward. Each day.

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Welcome, my name is Frederik and it is my pleasure to meet you here!

My mindgoal is to provide inspiration for our 'journey of courage' .

Becoming an airline captain and later on taking on roles in both management and instruction has been a rewarding team result from the start, being grateful for the support received from family, friends and colleagues. This profession taught me much more than how to fly. I learn(ed) to create a calm and open athmosphere to involve and promote both likeminded and oposing views, analyse risk and enhance decision making, staying ahead of what might come.

My present lifestyle continues to teach me how to grow a direction in Life, manage resources and behavior whilst protecting the capacity to maintain an overview and fulfill & inspire values along the road with integrity.

"From imPossible to Present"

About us is about you and me, and all of those living by example: 

  - Our own unfolding stories: sharing the knowledge, skills and attitude

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On behalf of mindgoal.life, I wish you an enjoyable journey!

9810 Nazareth, Belgium