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Goal directed value fulfilment - One step forward. Each day.

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Welcome, my name is Frederik and it is my pleasure to meet you here!

My mindgoal is to provide inspiration for our 'journey of courage' .

As an airline Captain, I learned how to think big picture, staying ahead of what might come.

This profession tought me much more than how to fly. Most of all, it tought me how to be a 'Captain of my Life'.

This means to develop a direction in Life, managing resources and fulfill values along the journey of success!

It's very rewarding to become 'Captain of your Life' ... and you don't need an airplane for that!

The journey is what matters, and travelling together on the 'journey of courage' is twice as motivating!

The benefits last for a lifetime, resulting in a happy, abundant and healthy lifestyle.

Successful change arrives when focusing all of the available energy on buidling the new, as it becomes available when releasing the old. From saying 'no', we receive our 'yes'.

The ideas coming from the following studied works are based on exhaustive research and tons of experience.

Join the road of success and value fulfilment and let us grow the personality from the inside out!

About us is about you and me, and all of those living by example: 

  - Our own unfolding stories: sharing the knowledge, skills and attitude

  - Frederik Vanden Broeck: From imPossible to Present

  - Dinara Yavorskaya: https://www.facebook.com/DinaraYavorskaya

  - Tony Robbins: Money

  - Suzanne Lie: www.multidimensions.com

  - Brendon Burchard: The motivation manifesto

  - Bob Proctor: You were born rich

  - Napoleon Hill: Think and grow rich

  - James Allen: As a man thinketh

  - Deepak Chopra: The 7 spiritual laws of success

  - Dr. Maxwell Maltz: The new Psycho-cybernetics

  - Vadim Zeland: Transurfing reality

  - Jane Roberts: The nature of personal reality

  - Jane Roberts: The nature of the psyche

  - Jane Roberts: Dreams, "evolution," and value fulfillment

  - Robert Kiyosaki: Rich dad, poor dad

  - Robert Kiyosaki: Rich dad guide to investment

  - Robert Kiyosaki: Cashflow quadrant

  - Imed Baatout: De weg naar het succes

  - Brian Tracy: The power of Self Discipline; Time management; Self confidence

  - Brian Tracy: The 100 absolutely unbreakable laws of business success

On behalf of mindgoal.life, I wish you an enjoyable journey!

9810 Nazareth, Belgium